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#GirlsOnly track

Live coding program for girls aged 14+

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What you will learn

Year 1, Semester 1

You will learn the basics of web design with Figma and create your first website with HTML and CSS coding. Coding is easy and allows you to create your custom design and styles.

Year 1, Semester 2

You will learn how to make websites functional, interactive and even more beautiful by programming with JavaScript.

Year 2, Semester 1

You will learn the most popular Python programming language and apply it to create your first web server! This is truly interesting and creative process.

Year 2, Semester 2

Final project. You will team up with other students to create a real-life web project, which could be your own social network, fancy image gallery, blog site, web game or anything of your choice.

Program details


Datorium Python tutor Luize

Lead mentor of the program


Luīze has been a role model for many young girls taking her most popular course PyGirls. She studies computer science at university and codes in languages like Python, JavaScript, Java and others. Luīze has many years of teaching expericne with Datorium and she truly inspires many young girls to make their first steps into the tech and IT fields. She demonstrates that it is actually easy, fun and enjoyable learning process!

What girls and their parents say


The lessons will be delivered in real-time by the live tutor, where participants actively communicate, ask questions and work on their projects. After each lesson enrolled students will have access to video recordings of that particular and all previous lessons.

Yes! You can get 15% off, if you make a yearly payment. Plus you get 100% money back guarantee, if you change your mind during the first month of the program!

The studdy process will be truly amazing and full of modern technologies and skills. You will learn the most popular technology of the internet – web design and development, gaining skills in Figma, Visual Studio Code, HTML and CSS. You will learn proper programming both with JavaScript and Python, which are used to add functionality both to web and many other types of applications. Obtained skills will allow you to creat your own real-life project with a team by the 4th semester of your studies. Get ready for an exciting and explorative journey with professional tutors and motivating modern environment!

Some years ago, we have created now popular course PyGirls with the support of Google, TietoEVRY and other international tech companies. This was done to empower and motivate girls aged 14-19 to get into Tech, which is an exciting and highly demanded field. PyGirls program demonstrated that girls perform significantly better when they work together in an  exclusive environment, without unnecessary distraction and more relaxed concentration on the creative process.

Girls track is a complete 2-year program which is based on our extensive PyGirls course experience. It will carefully guide any girl into the web-development and tech fields and will definetly remove the steriotype that tech and coding do not well suite girls.

Datorium community is more than 4000 students predominantly from Europe and aged 14-19. We informally call ourselves Datorians. Every Datorium student becomes part of this growing and strong international community, and gets excellent 24/7 support from its members. You can chat, ask questions, make suggestions, find team members, share your experience, get valuable ideas from other members and simply make new friends in the Discord server of Datorium community.

Every Datorian can earn tokens, called botCoins which accumulate to reputation and can be exchanged to valuable goodies. Accumulated botCoins also give users exclusive access to certain community giveaways and events.

Yes, indeed, if participant completes at least 80% of the curriculum of the program. Certificate will be issued by the “European Coding School” (license number 3351803339) – an official Education Institution licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the European Union member country Republic of Latvia.


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